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ZoomCaps™ are adhesive labels for computer keyboards. The letters, numbers, and symbols are enlarged and use the American Printing House for the Blind, APHont™ for easier viewing by individual with low vision. Labels are available in black on white and white on black. ZoomCaps include all keycaps for Windows and Macintosh keyboards. ZoomCaps are available regionally, nationally, and internationally from our distributors.

Features and Benefits

  • High Contrast – Black letters on white background or white letters on black background
  • Highly Visible – ZoomCaps are printed in the largest font size possible. Alphabet letter keys are printed in 32 point text.
  • Very Readable – ZoomCaps are printed in APHont™ the proven font from the American Printing House for the Blind for more information go to the About ZoomCaps page.
  • Easy to Apply – Just wipe the keyboard clean, peel off the ZoomCaps stickers, and apply.
  • Universal Application – ZoomCaps include labels for keys on both IBM-style and Apple/Macintosh-style keyboards.
  • Low Price - Zoomcaps are affordable for everyone (MSRP $9.95).

Who Benefits from ZoomCaps

  • Schools – Allows low vision student access in computer labs
  • Libraries – provides low vision users and seniors access to common use computers
  • Senior Centers – makes computers easier to use for seniors
  • Individuals – allows individuals with low vision to more easily use their computer
  • Businesses – provides an inexpensive accommodation for employees with low vision
  • Seniors – lets seniors use their computers with ease

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