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DBTAC Rocky Mountain ADA Center
Who is Meeting the Challenge?

The External Communication and Outreach division at Meeting the Challenge focuses on proactive mass communications. That is, rather than responding to specific requests like our Training and Information Services functional area, External Communications uses information on need and materials generated by our R&D functional area to developed targeted mailings, design specialized websites, produce electronic and traditional newsletters, and conduct PR campaigns. A significant activity of the External Communications and Outreach functional area is outreach. MTC regularly participates in local, regional, and national conferences by providing an information table to help make attendees at the conference aware of applicable disability laws and MTC's availability to assist individuals and organizations in their understanding and implementation of those laws. The External Communications and Outreach functional area is also responsible for marketing and sales of MTC's products. You can learn more about our available products and purchase them online by following the link to Buy Products.

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Current Events

ADA Center - PR Campaign

To make more people aware of the existence of the Rocky Mountain ADA Information Center and its capabilities, the External Communications and Outreach division is actively engaged in a PR campaign with a goal of reaching every business, city government, and disability organization in our six state region over the coming years. Evidence has shown that individuals and organization that work with Meeting the Challenge ultimately move toward ADA implementation. However, until individuals and organizations are aware of our capabilities, they cannot connect with us.

ADA Center Newsletters
Meeting the Challenge publishes a traditional newsletter covering current information related to the ADA three times each year. This printed newsletter is distributed to a mailing list throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

We also publish a monthly electronic newsletter. This allows us to distribute breaking news about the ADA to subscribers throughout the region and beyond.

ADA Center Regional Leadership Network
The Rocky Mountain region is geographically large and relatively sparsely populated. This makes reaching the entire region in our ADA Information Center project very difficult. To alleviate this problem, we created the regional ADA Leadership Network. Members of the network are required to study a curriculum covering all aspects of the ADA and maintain their level of expertise to be a member of the network. In exchange, network members may request funds from MTC to support training and other activities in their area to further understanding and implementation of the ADA.

Federal Transit Administration - Transportation Information Portal
As part of the Federal Transit Administration ADA Materials Development project, MTC was convinced that a valuable tool would be a one-stop resource allowing access to ADA-related transportation materials, geared for different audiences. We designed an electronic document portal that takes advantage of the increasing use of the Internet for information retrieval. MTC used its experience in developing more general purpose document portals to facilitate this development effort. The new transit portal can be accessed at


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